Email Overload: Lot 18 Email Review

We’re back again, with another edition of out email marketing reviews. Today’s lucky contestant is Lot18, seller and shipper of the best wines in the world at discounted prices. Think, part Groupon, part Seamless, part liquor store. A great concept, if they could just get a better handle on their emails.

Check out this beauty below, from Valentine’s Day:

I signed up for the service only a couple of months ago because I thought it was interesting, and I like a nice bottle of wine from time to time. Boy do I regret it.

On average, I receive 3 emails per day from them. From what I hear from early users, that’s down from a whole lot more. What makes a company that sells discount wines think people need to hear from them daily, much less multiple times each day?

Small businesses and email marketers, use this as a reminder, you must be careful not to go too far with your emails. Know your customer and know what it is they expect from you.

By the way, it’s just a coincidence that this email actually offers me the ability to change my email preferences. Maybe I’m not the only one who Lot18 is pissing off.

Grade = F