How to Market Yourself like George Clooney

Interviewing is tough. The other day I found myself giving advice to someone close to me about an interview they were about to go on. And after relaying some of the usual crap that you can get from anyone, I remembered an episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio with George Clooney in which he was asked by someone in the audience about how to stay calm at an audition.

He gave two bits of advice that I think apply to any interview you go on in the business world:

  1. “Remember that the absolute worst thing that can happen is that you leave there without a job that you never had to begin with.”
  2. “They’re hoping you’re right for the role just as much as you’re hoping you’re right for the role.”

I’ve been involved in many interviews, from both sides, and I can speak to the fact that both of those statements are true. They might be difficult to believe, but they’re true.

If you think about both of those statements, and really believe in them, I promise you’ll be a lot more calm and comfortable on the next interview you go into.

Thanks George!