3 Reasons Marketers Love Valentine’s Day

Some people say that Valentine’s Day is a marketer’s holiday, a day created by Hallmark to sell more cards.

Others aren’t quite so cynical, and defend the day’s honor.

Regardless of where it comes from, I can say with some degree of certainty that marketers love Valentine’s Day.

Here’s why:

  1. Happiness. Valentine’s Day is a holiday with positive feelings surrounding it. And though it falls in the middle of February, for many people a cold and dark month, it brings with it a certain warmth. It’s much easier as a marketer to play off of positive emotions than negative ones. And it’s much easier to get people to spend money when they’re in a good mood then when they’re in a bad one.

  2. Love. Love will make people do crazy things. And love can make people buy crazy things. Marketers all over the country are pitching gift ideas, from heart-shaped chocolate boxes to diamonds, hoping that the love you feel this year is worth as much as your credit limit.

  3. Guilt. Another powerful emotion that people in long term relationships will tell you plays a role is guilt. Guilt can make people do things almost as crazy as love. Valentine’s Day might be the day to make up for a lackluster month or a big fight. And certainly nobody wants to deal with the guilt your partner lays on you when you don’t come through on V-Day.

Marketers have the power to turn any holiday into a reason to spend money. And the good news for us is, consumers keep proving us right.