Google: Good to Know?

Privacy! It’s a buzzword, in a very negative way. And Google always manages to find themselves on the stand when privacy comes up in conversation.

To be perfectly honest, if the average consumer knew how much of their information is readily available to advertisers and other companies online, they’d be appalled. It’s because they don’t know that we, as marketers, are able to continue to do it. That’s not a ringing endorsement for marketers, but it’s the truth of the world.

And those people that do freak out about privacy, usually don’t listen when you want to tell them that advertisers actually use this data to make their web experience better. If we know who you are, we know what you’re looking, and we know where you are, we can serve you ads that actually make sense.

For some reason, Google has decided to attack this head on with a new round of advertising. I first saw these ads pop up in the New York City subway system last week. Now I’ve noticed them in many more places. All the ads feature cartoon characters getting better information online, thanks to Google. And they link out to their “Good to Know” page.

Maybe Google thinks that a world where more people know how they use personal information is a world where more people are okay with it. If so, good for them. I hope we can cross this privacy bridge once and for all.