"I" of the Consumer Best of 2012

As the final days fly by in 2012, we’re offered a time to reflect on how far we’ve come in the last year. As I think back on the year that was for this blog, I’m happy with our growth, the launch of a new monthly newsletter, and the great feedback I’ve gotten from so many of you readers.

To help put the past year in perspective, I went back and found the top 10 posts from ZachHellerMarketing.com based on total views and comments. And for your reading pleasure, those posts are:

  1. What is Email Marketing?
  2. How to Test Your Marketing Emails
  3. The 10 C’s of Online Copywriting
  4. 5 Tests That Will Improve Your Emails
  5. How to Sell Anything Online
  6. How to Think Like a Customer
  7. 10 Email Marketing Commandments
  8. The Landing Page Handbook: Part 3
  9. Marketing Jobs of the Future
  10. The Value of Your Email Marketing List