How to Succeed in Marketing in 2013

Success in business often starts with a solid offering. Your product or service needs to fill a need, and needs to fill that need better, or cheaper, or simpler than your competitors. But you aren’t going anywhere if your marketing doesn’t match your offering.

If you’re putting your marketing plan for 2013 together, there are some trends that you want to be sure to pay attention to. The online landscape continues to change at a very quick rate, and those changes will impact the relative success of your marketing strategy.

Last week I wrote a series of posts entitled 2013 Marketing Blueprints. The idea was the highlight key techniques and strategies that will be important next year, ones that you should follow as you pursue growth and sales.

  1. Email Marketing Strategy for 2013
  2. Website Strategy for 2013
  3. Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2013

Am I missing something? Use the comments below to add your own trends to watch, or tips for success in the next year.