Difference between Marketing and Advertising

…is not so simple.

Advertising is the messaging that goes out to the public. It’s intent is to drive new business.

“But isn’t that what marketing is?” you’re asking.

Yes. But that’s only a part of what marketing is. To understand it the way I do, think of advertising as a part of marketing that exists within a much larger system.

In addition to messaging, marketing involves sales, follow up, lead generation, web design, and a larger subset of all communication between a company and its consumers. Marketing involves everything from product design, sales processes, branding efforts, pricing strategies, and promotions. It’s the most important part of a successful business, in my honest opinion.

Advertising has changed over the years. But marketing has changed to a far greater extent. It’s evolved to include more areas of business than ever before. And while some people will continue to use the terms interchangeably when referring to activities that a company uses to attract sales, I see a distinction that will become even further defined as time goes on.