Mistakes to Avoid in Promoting Your Business

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The internet's global reach means it offers some of the best opportunities available for promoting business.  Social media sites are perfect for spreading the word about a product or service as their ability to quickly disseminate ideas, news and information makes them the cyberspace equivalent of word of mouth.  People using the sites can share information at the touch of a button – something that means the boundaries of traditional forms of advertising no longer need to constrain a business with a flair for energy, ideas and self-promotion.

Despite the many advantages to using social media to promote a business, there are some basic mistakes that should be avoided in order to make the best impression.  Finding what works and what does not is fairly easy and if in doubt, there are IT Consulting services to guide a business through the pitfalls.  

Presenting an image

All those using social media should have a profile picture.  Don’t skimp on this – its crucial to establish an identity from the beginning.  Those who are offering freelance services should have a professional image of themselves as this allows potential clients to see who they are hiring.  The internet allows freelancers to work for clients that they never meet and it really does help to be able to put a face to the name.  Alternatively, the company’s own logo can be used and this is useful for larger organizations where clients may be dealing with more than one person.

An incomplete profile will also raise questions with potential clients.  Ensure that by looking at the profile, clients can see exactly what the business is and what it does.  Profiles that do not hold this information will not get a second look and potential customers will quickly move on, so it is important to make the most of this section.  It is also a good place to create a welcoming atmosphere for new customers. 

Be interactive

Those who use social media sites to promote only their own business may be missing out.  Anything that may be of interest to their customers should be shared as this can sometimes lead to business "buddy ups" where two different companies arrive at an informal arrangement that means they promote the other's products and services.  This will help to bring the business to the attention of many more clients and provide plenty of interesting "tweeted" updates for followers.

More followers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook can lead to more visitors to the business’s own website.  When they get there they want to see activity.  Sections such as ‘news’ or ‘blog’ are ideal for keeping potential customers up to date with the latest products and services and these should be updated regularly to be as effective as possible.

Be responsive

Putting information on social media sites to promote a business is a good idea but it can backfire if customers who ask questions and give feedback are ignored.  It is important to respond quickly to questions and deal with any issues that arise, as it will be clear to other customers if this does not happen.  They want to see that the business cares about its customers and this is a very easy way to show that it does.