How to Test

Too many people test things with no purpose.

In marketing, it’s true that continual testing is a key to success. Frequent readers of this blog have heard that before. I’m a huge fan of testing anything and everything you do to try to improve your effectiveness.

But too often, people test things without putting enough thought into it. There has to be a goal, something specific that you are testing. Scientists would call this your hypothesis.

Here’s a hypothesis: Can we improve the open rate on this email with a new subject line?

Here’s another: Can we get more people to fill out this form with a bigger submit button?

Testing requires that you know what you’re testing. It also requires you to look at the right number when doing your analysis. If you’re testing the subject line, look at the open rate. If you’re testing a form, look at the conversion rate.

If you can’t get the right answers, you’re either not asking the right questions or you’re not looking in the right places.

Test with purpose!