Duh! Marketing: Obvious but Often Ignored

Last week I wrote a post about including phone numbers on all marketing materials so that people can get in touch with you when they want to. As I wrote it, I made mention of the fact that even though it may seem obvious, many companies often ignore the advice.

When I started thinking about it, I realized there are a lot of marketing tips, that while obvious to some, are ignored by many. And so today, I wanted a chance to list them.

In no particular order, here are some very basic things that every marketer should be doing:

  1. Answer phone calls
  2. Respond quickly to emails
  3. Give your salespeople everything they need to communicate with prospects
  4. Allow people to purchase online or over the phone
  5. Have a website
  6. Apply for free business listings online and off
  7. Encourage feedback from customers
  8. Encourage loyalty
  9. Offer discounts to new customers
  10. Offer discounts to loyal customers
  11. Encourage referrals
  12. Use social media
  13. No typos
  14. No spam

I had to stop myself from going on, but I encourage you to leave your tips in the comments below.