Home Study Courses for You

From time to time I like to show a little bit of love to my other projects. And today is one of those days…

The world of education is changing. There are more opportunities now than ever before, thanks to the rapidly emerging world of online and post-secondary education. Anything you want to learn, you can learn.

Photography Courses

As the director of marketing for the New York Institute of Photography, I hear from students and graduates every single day about how their lives were transformed by our courses. The largest and oldest photography school in the world (we just turned 102) continues to offer home-study courses for anyone with an interest in taking better photos.

Courses for Other Creative Professions

Not into photography? We’ve got something for you too. The Sheffield School features home-study education for people interested in other creative fields, either as hobbies, freelance opportunities, or full-time careers. We offer an interior design course, a wedding planning course, and a jewelry design course.

And the brand new, New York Institute of Career Development now offers a professional blogging course and a writing course.

If you’re interested in any of these areas, I highly recommend them. Each one pairs you with pros in the field who act as your teachers, helping you improve as you move throughout the course. It’s home-study education with a personal touch rarely found in a distance education school.

Happy creative pursuits!!