The Perfect Costume: Halloween & Marketing

It used to be that you could dress up your marketing all nice and cover up any problem or failure in your product. It used to be that marketing was the most important aspect of your product’s success. Good marketing could make up for a not so good product.

Not anymore.

In today’s world of online reviews, social media, non-stop criticism and feedback, smart consumers are protected from slick marketers.

So what’s a marketer to do?

First, you can get more involved in the work going on in other departments. Those of you who’ve read this blog for a long period of time know that I’m a strong proponent of marketing having a foothold in almost every aspect of an organization. Good marketing means good products, good salespeople, good customer service, and good messaging that supports the value offered by a company’s products.

The more in line your marketing is with what the customer will actually experience, the more positive the experience will be.

Don’t try to dress up a poor product with fancy marketing. You’re not tricking anyone, and you might end up treating yourself to an unemployment check.