Marketers Rejoice!

2012 is a great year to be a marketer.

You have more data and more options than ever before.

You can buy email lists, ask people to sign up online, run paid search ads, shoot a television ad, or create a Twitter account. You can draw interest online, in print, through mobile applications, and on television. You can tie all those campaigns together. You can show ads only to people in your target demographic, only in your local market, only to people who have purchased from you before, or only to people who have not.

The problem is, when you have this much information and this many opportunities in front of you, how can you make any excuses?

It’s time for marketers to step up and own their roles. Know your data inside and out. Cut those parts of your budget that aren’t working. Expand on those that are. Prove out new tests and share them with others using the analytics available.

Demonstrate, converse, learn, and adapt.

2012 should be your year. If it’s not, you don’t have anyone else to blame.