The Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make

As a marketer, it’s your job to grow awareness, attention, loyalty, revenue, profit. There are literally millions of options and opportunities that you have.

And while some people would suggest that the larger your budget is, the more options you have, I would argue that some of the largest companies are also the most boring in the marketing materials they create. They think they can buy attention.

But whether you are Walmart or you are your company’s sole employee, there is one mistake you simply cannot afford to make as a marketer. It’s the biggest mistake marketers make (they do make it), and can cost you your success.

That mistake: not testing new things.

Because there are millions of ways to reach people, there is always something you could be doing that you’re not. And while I know time and resources are limited, you should never be satisfied with the status quo. Even if what you’re doing is working, there is something out there that could work better, or could add-on to the existing plan.

This year, make an effort to try 4 new things. That’s just one per quarter.

Odds are that if you prioritize, and plan carefully, you will find that you can add things (or alter things) in your marketing plan that will help you reach your goals faster or cheaper than you would otherwise have.