The Best Time to Send an Email – Part 3

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on the best time to send promotional emails. Check out previous posts in the series here:

  1. Best Time to Send an Email: Time of Day
  2. Best Time to Send an Email: Day of Week

Those posts hypothesized that a specific time of day or day of week is more likely to get an email read, and more likely to get the reader to take action than others. And while that’s true, there is a better answer to the question, “When is the best time to send a promotional email?”

The one true answer is this: Anytime you are at the top of their mind.

We’re talking about emails that are triggered by a user’s action, what some might call auto-responders, and what I call Action-Triggered Emails.

Some examples of actions that could trigger emails are:

  • Cart abandonment. A person creates a shopping cart but leaves before purchasing.
  • Lead generation. A person fills out a form for free information, or subscribes to a specific list.
  • Contact submission. A person sends a message through a contact form online.
  • Browser. A person recently visited your site or clicked on your ad.
  • Follower. A person recently liked you on Facebook or followed you on Twitter.

If you build your system to know when these actions are taking place, you can set up an email or a series of emails to go out at a specific time.

The facts support ATE’s. Cart Abandonment emails can get up to 50% response rates. If someone recently saw your brand, thought about your company or a specific product, they are much more likely to read an email relating to that interest. And if you have the technology to identify these individual actions, you can cater an email directly to each person.

The more personal an email is, and the more relevance it has to the reader, the more success you will have with it.