Marketing Luxury in 5 Easy Steps

We all want to live in luxury. The rich are able to live in luxury, and the rest of us like to be convinced that there are simple luxuries that we can get away with without breaking the bank. And many companies use this as a way to attract new customers. Car companies are notorious for this type of advertising, but it’s popular across many industries, including hotels, restaurants, clothing and home furnishings.

If your company builds a marketing message around the sense of luxury that your product or service delivers, here are 5 simple ways to get that message across.

Define Luxury

Different people equate luxury with different things – exotic, expensive, exclusive. Tell us why your product or service is luxurious, and be as specific as possible.

Look the Part

We associated luxury with fine taste, and anything less than the best just won’t do. Whether it’s the person in your ads or the font and coloring on your website, it had better look “classy”. I should want to be the person featured in your marketing campaigns.

Be Exclusive

Luxury is a privilege. It’s not for everyone. And part of the draw to making a purchase based on the luxury associated with a certain product or service is that not everyone else will be able to make that same purchase. Use language that suggests exclusivity in your ads, which will make inclusion into the “club” more highly sought after.

Make it Easy

The new age of luxury is based on technology, and technology can make things easier on consumers. If you’ve got a product or a service that makes an existing product better or easier to use, tell us about it. Tell us how you are making your lives easier, because we’ll associate “easier” with “better”.

Compare and Contrast

Car companies figured this out a long time ago. If you’re selling “luxury”, compare yourself to those competitors that are not as luxurious. Tell consumers not only what they get with your product, but what they’d be giving up if they don’t choose you. And don’t be afraid to use the names of those other products or companies (legally, of course) in your ads. Because if you’re selling “luxury”, you’re selling the fact that you are better than the rest.

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