Always Be Thinking (Cashless Edition)

You should always thinking about new policies, new trends, and new products will afffect the way that you do business. In today's world, things move fast, and its not reasonable to think that you will be on top of every new trend.  But when something grabs your attention, analyze it. Think big picture, and always be willing to experiment if you think it will be helpful to current customers or bring in new customers.

A whole new generation of consumers does not carry cash. They grew up on debit cards, they do most purchases online, and at any one time, they'll carry less cash on them than consumers from days past. How does that affect the way you do business? Are you making it easy for them to purchase from you?

Google just announced their newest project, Google Wallet. How can mobile payments benfit your business?

These are just two thoughts. But there is an infinite amount of new ideas and new products out there. And the faster you can adopt new trends, the easier it might be to attract a whole new kind of customer.

So how do you stay on top of new trends? Share it with us in the comments below.