How to Get Good Reviews from Everyone

Getting positive reviews from customers is a great way to find new customers. Getting negative reviews from customers is a great way to lose potential business in the future. They’re a marketer’s worst enemy. They stand in the face of every aspect of your message, and deter potential customers from even considering taking the next step.

In my post entitled, How to Control Your Digital Footprint, I discussed the idea of hiring someone at your company whose sole job it is to find conversations about you online and partake in them.

The other day I ran across this post on Convince and Convert, about turning negative commenters into brand advocates. In it, Chris Book recommends taking advantage of negative reviews to spark change in the way you handle your business. He recommends reaching out to those unhappy patrons and solving their issue with passion in order to turn something negative into something positive.

Here is a quick excerpt:

“There certainly is no magic pill that makes negative feedback sting any less, but by acknowledging it for what it really is, and creating a culture that embraces all types of feedback, you can dramatically curtail the instances of negative feedback and ensure that you’re turning each customer into a living, breathing billboard for your brand.”

Just another voice in the cry for using the consumer base to deliver your message!