Be One Thing for One Person

In the old school days of advertising, the fashionable thing to do was to try to be all things for all people. If an ad campaign appealed to the masses, it had the potential to be a game changer for the company it represented.  Choices were limited, and attention was easier to get.  Advertising success was defined by effective messages that reached the greatest number of consumers.

I don’t find that to be true anymore.  In the digital age, consumers have more choices than ever before, and are able to find those choices easier than ever before.

Today, the goal is to try to be one thing for one person.

Now I know that might cause some upheaval in the marketing world, because if you spend that much time and effort on each individual sale, how do you ever expect to grow or be profitable. So the trick is break it down.

Consumers are individuals.  This might seem obvious, but it’s actually a fairly new phenomenon. The “I” of the consumer refers to the sense of self and freedom each of us have to find, research, talk to and talk about companies we’re interested in.

As companies, you need to understand this and work within this new framework. New tools and technologies allow you to craft messages that are unique to the reader, viewer, lead, or potential customer. Your email can be unique, your ad copy can be unique, and your product can be unique, all without spending enormous amounts of time and energy creating them.

Google Adwords allows you to include actual search phrases in your ads. iContact allows you to include personal data that you’ve collected to change the content of emails you send out. And custom pricing schemes allow you to show the consumer that you’re service is built to fit them and not the other way around.

So be one thing for one person, and apply that to all the people in your targeted audience.  Success will follow.