Featured Marketing Products and Services

In an attempt at full disclosure, I wanted to take this post to talk a little bit more about this blog’s purpose, and some of the features that I’ve included thus far.

I am a marketing professional and have the pleasure of learning and finding new things each day.  I’ve decided to feature certain services that I’ve found useful in order to share with you some tools and products you might also want to try.  I’ll do that occasionally in posts that I write, and I’ll keep a “Featured” list on the right hand side bar of every page.   --------over there------->

The purpose of this blog is to offer ideas, opinions, and tips for businesses and marketers in the digital age.  And the ultimate goal for all of these things is to increase revenue using new and inventive techniques. 

It’s true that I make money off of this blog, but that performance will be based on the quality of the content that I produce.  I will refer services I’ve used and know to work, I will show ads for companies and products that fit the market and interest me, and I’ll review books and services I think my readers will find useful.  What I will never do is showcase something I don’t like or use just because I’m getting paid to do it.  I’m committed to being open and honest in everything I do and write on this blog and if I ever stray from that I hope my readers will call me out.

If I didn’t think I was helping you, I wouldn’t be doing this.  So take what you can, and leave what you don’t need.