Lost and Found: Guest Posts by Zach Heller

Last week I wrote of a guest post of mine that was going live and asked you all to find it. A few people did find it, but in their effort, others were able to find older posts of mine that still linger in the internet’s never-ending pool of content.

So, in a blatant act of patting oneself on the back, I’ve compiled the most recent guest post and some older ones here for your reading pleasure.

  1. Business Blogging: Interact with Potential Customers by Asking Questions discusses the idea that businesses should engage their readers in very specific ways on blogs.
  2. Don’t Get Caught in the Recession Trap talks about ideas to avoid the negative thinking by a company that comes with economic hardship. Please ignore the young looking former version of myself at the bottom and the outdated byline (what can you do?).
  3. Be Innovation is an introduction to the concept I wrote about in my previous blog life. Again, 2008 was a long time ago.
  4. Photo Marketing 101 is a blog series that I write for the New York Institute of Photography all about marketing yourself as a photographer.

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