How to Control Your Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint, as a company, is the entirety of everything published online about you.  Whether it be blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, or anything else, there is sure to be a growing amount of information there mentioning your brand in some way or another. It can work in your favor, or it can hurt you.  Most times, there will be positive and negative stuff out there.  You can’t please ‘em all.

Your digital footprint is more important now than ever before, because the ease of the internet has given consumers the ability to do a lot of research in a short amount of time before making a purchasing decision.  Many people will base their final decision of whether or not to pay you for something on what others think of you.

Marketers are still trying to get over the fact that we have less control over the “corporate message” than ever before.  You can’t control what people say about you online.  But you can take steps to improve the message.

One of those steps, and stand back while I coin a term here, is to hire or appoint a Digital Ambassador.

The job of a digital ambassador is simple, find out where people are talking about your company, and join the conversation. This person should not be a salesman invading private conversations with pushy, selling language. They should be an ambassador, looking to spread the truth about the company, and help out where they are needed.

Some customers will seek service through outside forums, and your ambassador can find them and solve their issues in the public space, showing that you care. Some potential customers will research your product by asking questions online, and your ambassador can provide accurate information to help their decision.

We know by now that interaction between a company and the consumers in a real way helps your image.  And with one or more digital ambassadors on your squad, that interaction can extend beyond the walls of your own company and into the social world of the internet.

The key isn’t control, its monitor, converse, and help. And consumers will thank you for it.