Acknowledging a Lesser Competitor

A common question is whether or not to acknowledge a competitor openly vs. ignore them completely.

You may have a smaller, lesser known competitor nipping at your heels. They spend a lot of their time and energy directly comparing their prices, products, and practices to you.

They’re the upstart competition, that’s what they do. So how do you respond? Do you respond at all?

I believe you could answer that question differently in every situation and still be right. But the important thing is, regardless of whether or not you address the comparison openly in your marketing, you need to be aware that the comparison is being made somewhere, and plan a response.

You don’t have to put up a comparison graphic on your website, but you should put one together, at least hypothetically. Have a response for the consumer who calls up and asks specifically why they are cheaper, or quicker, than you are. Arm your sales staff with knowledge to combat the claims made by the competition.

I think that many times, it’s easy to get wrapped up in a war of words with the competition. But often, it hurts the larger of the two companies to do so, because you are acknowledging the competition, and giving them more recognition than they’d get on their own.

That does not mean ignore them. It just means focus on the customer, and be diligent internally in preparing for future competition. Stay one step ahead.