"I" of the Consumer Week in Review

My cousin got married this weekend! As a result, I’m in Savannah, GA. A weekend away from New York City allows you to put things in perspective. When you remove yourself from the day to day grind that is your life, you can think about the bigger picture. It’s not where you will eat tonight, but where you will be a year from now. It’s not whether or not the train is running, but whether or not you’re happy. Take a cue from me and take a step back every once in awhile.

If you were too involved to poke your head up this week, here are some posts you may have missed:

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  2. Change.org and a New Era of Consumer Power
  3. Market to Me to get Free Advice
  4. The Social Media Mob

Happy Sunday!

And as we move closer to the holidays, I’ll bring you some special deals that everyone might enjoy. Today, check out Amazon’s Gift Wishlist page where you can shop, ask for gifts, and enter a sweepstakes to win $2500!